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Avoiding drugs in college: a more difficult task than it should be


The college years are certainly difficult and many of us might get a grip on less healthy habits. It’s a well-known fact that this is the period when many of us take the first contact with drugs of all kinds. Peer pressure and the constant need of proving our worth in front of others may make us take less fortunate decisions. This is how many lives with a high potential and a bright future go to waste. But fortunately enough, there are some great ways to avoid drug and alcohol abuse during your college years. It will take plenty of focus and strength to resist temptation, but in the end, it will work like a charm.  

Avoiding peer pressure

In college, we are discovering new people and not knowing exactly who we are yet, also known as the social identity theory, is the main driving concept behind peer pressure. As humans are social beings, we try our best to fit in as much as possible. We integrate ourselves into groups of peers, presumably with similar interests and preferences or we simply try to take it. This is how drug and alcohol abuse appear. However, it’s fairly easy to avoid picking up such habits, the volunteers at multiple drug rehabs claim. Start making your sobriety or preference to not use drugs at parties or in other social encounters known should be the first step to a healthy relationship with both substances and your peers. This will make you feel less guilty when all your friends are using every night. Be straightforward and honest with your preference, if you want to avoid peer pressure.

Learn how to have fun without drugs or alcohol

Boredom seems to be sometimes the main reason why many college students start using drugs or alcohol. This misconception that you can only have fun when you’re under influence makes many forget that there are more important things than being intoxicated and fun comes in many shapes and forms.

Some of the best holistic rehabs in the US claim that there are several effective strategies where you can avoid alcohol or drug use. You could start throwing parties where people gather to watch movies or play social games, you can throw parties for creative activities take place or where you cook. Make sure that you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks around. Iced tea lemonade is two perfect choices. This will make you unlikely to want to do drugs, as you are already engaged in some fun activities.

Explore the city or the natural surrounding of your city. This is entertaining and the temptation is virtually inexistent. Try to go to restaurants and coffee shops where alcoholic beverages are not part of the menu, for the best results.

These are some of the easiest ways to avoid the trap of alcohol and drug abuse during your college years. Make sure to avoid dangerous social gatherings, as these increase your chances of using and try to state your preference for sobriety from the beginning.

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