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Eco Friendly Space Heaters

A warm indoor environment will make you and your family feel very comfortable in the cold season. If you are looking for an energy efficient way to obtain the desired result, then some eco-friendly space heaters will definitely create the desired warmth in your home. Take a look at this article in order to see what are the most recommended devices.

Ambia Ach-120

If you would like to get a portable ceramic heater that is very efficient and eco- friendly as well, then Ambia Ach-120 is definitely the unit you are looking for. This portable device can be moved with ease from a room to another so that you can feel warm at all times during the cold season. Ambia Ach-120 doesn’t actually look like a heater, it has a design similar to the one that a stereo has, and therefore, it will look absolutely wonderful in your home, not to talk about how efficient it is. It is a recommended product for people who have small to medium rooms. Ambia Ach-120 could be a wonderful choice.

Lasko 6462

One of the easiest and energy efficient way to have a warm home is to use a device like Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater. This wonderful unit features an easy-to-clean filter, multi-function remote control, 3 heat sweep setting, 170° heat sweep, 90°sweep, easy-to-read digital thermostat, 1500 Watts of comforting warmth, and an easy-to-clean filter. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides for Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater a 3-year limited warranty. All in all, this would be a great choice for heating a room while protecting the environment.

Dyson AM05

This is without a doubt one of the most eco-friendly space heaters that can be found in the shops at the moment. However, make sure you have some savings because it is not cheap at all. The design of this device is definitely very different than most space heaters. It is elegant, modern, and it will certainly fit any interior. You will find very easy to use and clean this unit, and you will be impressed by what this device can do. No burning smell will be released into the room, and you will actually be provided with a very pleasant warmth, during the cold days of winter. The best thing about Dyson AM05 is that it can be used all year round due to the fact that it can provide you not only warmth, but it can also cool your house in the summer.

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