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How to decorate your green home

If you want to decorate your home for the spring, it means that you are prepared to embrace change and freshness. You probably want to celebrate that you succeeded to escape from the winter’s darkness and cold. Outside, nature comes to life slowly and you should bring that feeling into your home through a green décor. However, this means that you agree to eliminate any objects and elements that might harm the surrounding environment but you should not worry. Green décor actually represents a popular trend nowadays and interior designers are very competitive in terms of new ideas and options. You can follow their example and use your creativity to combine materials and accessories in order to obtain a striking appearance or you can draw inspiration from their home designs. The main idea is that you have a multitude of possibilities to play with and completely transform your home interiors.


Even though not many people make use of textiles in order to embellish their interior spaces, you should know that you could change drastically the atmosphere in every room by creating a mix of light shades and simple patterns. If the room is quite monotonous with big pieces of furniture and lack of accessories, you can show boldness by layering textiles with bright colors and complex patterns. However you decide to put together these amazing pieces, the result will undoubtedly captivate the attention of every guest. Thanks to their flexibility, you can always switch them around or replace them if you get bored in the future, probably the next spring.


In what concerns the lack of accessories, you should consider handmade items or minimalist elements that have a great visual impact, such as ribbons or candles. You can find everyday ribbons in various colors, materials and patterns meaning that you can select the most suitable options for your green home. If not, you can attempt to DIY personalized ribbons by gathering free materials lying around the house and combine them strategically into beautiful and unique decorative pieces. Purchase quality and long lasting soy candles for a relaxing ambiance. These types of candles present great benefits because not only they last longer, but they do not release harmful toxins into the air. Nothing is more environmentally friendly than natural greenery. Adding trees, plants and flowers to your interiors will definitely clear everyone’s doubts regarding your green lifestyle and décor, not to mention that being surrounded by greenery improves your wellbeing because they create oxygen.  

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