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How to Keep Your Pool Clean in a Green Way

Keeping your home swimming pool clean is mandatory so you will enjoy it anytime in the best conditions. However, the pool cleaning process often implies the use of high amounts of chlorine or energy consuming systems that are not very environmentally-friendly. To help you take better care of the environment, here are some useful ways to keep your pool clean in a green way.

Cover the pool

Although it seems trivial, this trick can really help you keep your pool clean for longer so you will limit the use of chemicals and the pool’s cleaning system will work less often. Cover the pool with a cover that you can pull manually or using a reel and less debris will end in the water, thus, less cleaning will be required.

Ultraviolet pool cleaners

Most of the times, pool are cleaned using chemicals such as chlorine, which is something you would want to avoid. A greener cleaning solution is to use an ultraviolet pool cleaner that consists of installing a sterilizer between the pool filter you are using and the line where the water returns to the pool. As the mane suggests, these sterilizers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and to eliminates chlorine byproducts so your pool will stay clean without using chemicals.

Ozone pool cleaning systems

Another great green cleaning solution for your home pool is the ozone cleaning system that is similar to the ultraviolet cleaner only this generates ozone through a type of ultraviolet light. The ozone is spread through the water using jets so it breaks down and gets rid of the contaminants existing in the water. Although this method might still require the use of chlorine, the amounts are highly reduced.

Salt water pools

This pool cleaning system doesn’t turn your home swimming pool into a salty ocean but eliminates the unwanted impurities that temper with the cleanliness of the water. After adding salt water to the pool, a special generator creates natural chlorine that destroys the contaminants in the pool water including urine, body oils, and sunscreen that often get into the pool. While not a 100% cleaning method, this reduces the amounts of chlorine needed.

A robotic pool cleaner

This device can help you ensure the necessary maintenance of your pool fast and with no effort. It runs on a battery so the energy use is limited and you can have it clean your pool anytime you need so debris won’t gather inside the pool, forcing the filter and the pump to work harder. The robotic pool cleaner does an amazing job in removing dirt, debris, algae, leaves and twigs from the pool water so you won’t have to use chlorine or other chemicals.

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