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How to Stay Cool During the Heatwave Without an A.C.

While it’s the most popular air cooling system, the A.C is by far the least efficient because it requires plenty of energy to cool the air, which is not something you want from your home appliances. If you are considerate regarding the environment and you want to limit the energy consumption, look for other ways to fight the heatwave that will also help you save electricity. Below, we offer you some tips on how to stay cool during summer without using the air conditioner.

Use a tower fan

If you must use a device that creates cool air, use one that uses less electricity and provides with a pleasant drift of air, like the tower fan. You will find the one that uses the less electricity and offers the highest performance with a tower fan survey on the towerfan.reviews website that contains some helpful reviews on multiple tower fan models. Unlike the A.C. that requires a lot of energy to operate, tower fans are a more energy-efficient air cooling device that can create enough cool air to cover a large room without adding to your electricity bill. The shape helps it spread the air to a wider area and the oscillating feature increases its functionality even more.

Keep the windows closed

The easiest way to keep the heat away from your home is to close any door or window that could let the hot air inside. Opening the doors or windows will only result in hot air inside, although you might think that it will help you create drafts of cool air. It’s best that you only open the windows at night when the air is cooler and that you close them in the morning when the heat becomes stronger.

Keep the blinds pulled

The sun heat can get inside your home even if your windows are closed because it gets through the glass and manages to heat the air to a suffocating temperature. To prevent that, install thick blinds on every window and keep them pulled over the windows when the sun is up and shining bright in the sky. Opt for thick and dark fabrics that stop sunlight from heating the air in your home so you won’t feel the urge to start the air conditioner.

Turn off the lights

Besides light, bulbs also create heat, as well as many other appliances in your home that use incandescent diodes. Having too many appliances turned on at one will increase the indoor air temperature. Therefore, limit the use of lights and the appliances that run during the day unless you really need them so you will avoid heating the indoor air too much.

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