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Personal Care Choices that Are Bad for the Environment

These days we can find on the market lots of personal care devices that help us look wonderful, and which are very easy and comfortable to use. However, are they environmentally friendly? Unfortunately, the answer is no, most of them are not. For further information regarding this subject, you should take a look at the following personal care choices that are bad for the environment and how they can be replaced.

Stop using disposable razors, and go for an electric shaver instead

Electric shavers that are available on the market these days consume less energy and their blades do not need a very often replacement as they are high quality. A device like this is without a doubt a long-term investment. You will be able to use an electric shaver for a long period of time, which actually means that you will highly protect the environment. If you’ve never used such a device and you are wondering what is the best electric razor, you should know that this depends on several factors. Some shavers are suited for sensitive skin, others for normal skin, some are suited for thick beards, others for thin beards and so on.

Some electric shavers can be used on dry skin as well, and therefore, you won’t need to use water or shaving foam either. Again, you will protect the environment. We all know that disposable razors are poor quality and they usually can be used only once or twice, and then you will need to throw them away. This is actually a huge waste not only of money but of materials that are used for making those devices as well. The plastic is the main material used for making disposable razors, and once a product like this is thrown away, it will affect very much the environment. Just imagine how many disposable razors are thrown away each year, and how much this affects the environment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn what is the best electric razor and invest in one which will last for many years. .

Replace your old flat iron with an Eco-friendly one

If you really want to protect the environment, then you definitely can do this. A flat iron is without a doubt one of the personal care choices that are bad for the environment. However, you have the option to go for an environmental-friendly device, and one of the best choices you could make would be to get a unit that uses Greenion Technology. You will definitely find a device like this on the market, and even if it costs more than an ordinary one, it certainly worth the money, as it will not only straighten very well your hair without damaging it, but it will also help you protect the environment. Therefore, you should go for an eco-friendly flat iron with confidence.

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