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Which Solar Panels Should You Choose For Your Home

Solar panels are the new tech hack that promises to offer you enough electricity to run your entire house while considerably reducing the electricity bill and taking better care of the environment. With all these advantages, no wonder solar panels have become so popular and no wonder so many companies have started designing them. Besides increasing the possibilities range, so many models also make it hard for you to choose the best solar panel for your home. This is why we thought we would present you some of the best ones so you will know which one to choose.

Kyocera KD315GX-LPB

Our first suggestion is the Kyocera solar panel that yields the best and is the most durable in our opinion. These solar panels offer a vigorous 16% solar efficiency that makes them great for home use and enables them to reduce your energy bills over time. Once placed on the roof, these solar panels with 80 cells each generate a maximum of 351 watts of power, a current of maximum 7.92 amps and a maximum voltage of 39.8. These solar panels work perfectly in both freezing cold and extremely hot temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 194 degrees F due to the tempered glass and anodized aluminum construction. While not self-cleaning, it only takes rainwater to wash away dirt and grime so the solar panels will keep working perfectly.

Grape Solar 390W

Our second choice is the Grape Solar panel that uses solar energy to offer a solar efficiency of 15.21%, which is also very good compared to other models. The maximum output is 390 watts, the voltage reaches levels of 49.4 and the top current is 7.92 amps so you will get enough energy for your entire house. These panels are made of monocrystalline with an anodized aluminum frame that makes the incredibly resistant. Not only the resist to temperatures ranging from 40 degrees F below 0 and up to 194 degrees F, but they also handle hailstone, wind, and layers of snow without suffering the slightest damage.

Canadian Solar CS6X-305M

The third type of solar panels we recommend for your house are the Canadian Solar monocrystalline panels that offer a maximum efficiency of 15% and can create a maximum power of 36.6 volts and a current that reaches 8.33 amps. These panels are strong and durable and can resist to temperatures ranging between -40 F and 185F and bad weather conditions including hailstone and snow. In some cases, these panels are self-cleaning but you can also use water to remove dirt and debris.

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